Ooey, Gooey (Vegan) Enchiladas

November 20, 2011 at 4:17 PM Leave a comment

I am so stoked!  I have been newly Plantstrong for a week now and I was DYING for Mexican food.  Rich, delicious, sinful Mexican food – specifically enchiladas.  So, I went out and bought myself some Daiya and got to work.  There was no canned enchilada sauce in the house – a twist of fate which I will wind up grateful.  I find the canned sauces to be metallic in taste – very weird.  I used this recipe for Enchilada sauce: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/ten-minute-enchilada-sauce/

It seemed a very one note sauce as-is, so I used Sriracha sauce and cayenne in place of Chili Powder, Onion with a very teeny, tiny dice in place of onion power, and garlic salt in place of powdered garlic.  Also, I added a little bit of oregano for depth.  Everything is always measured to taste with me but I kept the oil, water, and tomato sauce ratio suggested in the recipe.  I’ll never buy canned sauce again!

Now for the enchiladas!  I have pre-made tortillas from whole foods that I warmed up in the micro to make them pliable.  I then took one can of vegetarian refried beans, a quarter of a large onion diced, and a half of a can of corn.  I mixed those together in a bowl and then added a handful of Daiya Cheddar flavor cheese substitute and mixed that in. I put a little sauce on the bottom of my clay baking pan that is shaped like a piggie.  I filled and rolled the tortillas and put them in the pan.  On top, I put some more Daiya cheese and all of the enchilada sauce.  I baked at 375 for 25 mins (time will vary by oven). Then I ate… and then I ate the leftovers after my run today.  My husband (fully committed cheese-aholic) loved them – he knew there was something about them since I was eating Vegan so suspected they were non-dairy, but thought they were delicious (though he would have liked more onion).



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